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Have no fear; the auto body repair experts are here! We wanted to take a few minutes from our work at the shop to answer some of the big questions that car owners are asking these days. These questions are related to the auto body repair process after an estimate is requested.

What if you don’t want to go to your insurer’s preferred repair shop?

That’s ok. As the owner, you get to choose who to trust with your car. Insurance companies usually have a few chain repair shops in their network of preferred service providers. These relationships are beneficial for the insurance companies because the body shop provides them with a discounted rate, but this savings isn’t passed on to their customers. You, the car owner, pay the same going rate.

So, if that’s not the way that you like to do business, or you’re concerned about the quality of their workmanship, you are free to choose a different body shop. And though a local, family-owned body shop may not be on the insurance companies preferred list, we will definitely still work with your insurance company to get the right repairs made and covered.

Learn more about Choosing a Body Shop Outside of the Insurance Preferred Network.

Why does the Body Shop ask whether or not the repair is being done under insurance or not?

This is because we need to know who are point person is for the repair work. If you intend the damage to be covered by car insurance, we will need to communicate with the company and send the agent a copy of the estimate. Before starting the work needed, your car insurance company will want to verify the price estimated for repairs. To do this, the insurance appraiser may need to schedule a time to see the damage before it’s fixed or requests images for a photo estimate.

What Should I Look for After My Vehicle Has Been Repaired?

Smart owners look their car over after body repairs have been made. But what should you check?

  • Be sure to look at the repair from a distance, and close-up.
  • Check that the paint color matches.
  • Ensure there aren’t spots of overspray where other components are painted which shouldn’t be.
  • Run your hand over the repaired area to make sure that the texture is smooth and even.
  • If the alignment or frame of the car were involved, take it for a test drive before calling it a done deal.
  • Make sure the car is clean.

If find issues or are not satisfied with the work, talk to the body shop immediately. If your concerns aren’t handled in a professional manner, you can ask another repair facility for a post-repair inspection.

When Should I Request a Post-Repair Inspection?

The car owner can ask for a post-repair inspection whenever they are unsatisfied with the repair work done. This type of inspection is designed to determine if the original damage was fully assessed, if the car was fixed properly, and that quality parts were used. If you see that the car looks different than before the collision or operates differently, this is another good reason to request an inspection.

Can a Body Shop Fix Rust Damage?

Yes! For light rust damage, the auto body technicians will sand and grind the surface of the car that has been affected. This will remove the rust and some of the car’s paint. Then, the healthy metal underneath can be sealed, primed, and repainted to perfection.

For more severe rust damage, it may be necessary to replace that panel of the car and paint the new panel to match the rest of the car’s paint job. This is the best solution for rust that covers a large area or when it has eaten holes in the metal.

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Can a Car Frame Be Fixed?

Sure! Frame damage can be repaired using equipment with hydraulic pressure that can bend the frame components back to their original shape. Severely damaged parts may need to be replaced by welding a new metal piece in place. Most times, auto body technicians are able to restore car frames to near factory specifications.

Do Body Shops fix mechanical issues?

Not usually. Following a collision, if your vehicle looks fine but doesn’t run well, a mechanic is the best place to start. Mechanics are specialized in addressing engine, electronic, and mechanical damage. If your car runs well, but looks bad, that’s when you need a body shop. Auto body technicians can fix dents, paint damage, bumpers, and broken windshields and glass – anything to do with the body of the car.

If you don’t know which type of repairs your car needs, or suspect it may need both types of repairs, your technician will help you coordinate the work.

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For more expert auto body repair, follow Badell’s Collision.

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