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Don’t forget dad! Father’s Day is on June 16th – that’s just around the corner. In many families, though, dad is the toughest one to buy gifts for. If you’re looking for just the right gadget for your father, we have put together a list of the top 10 car accessories that make great gifts.

1. Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras can help while parking or to catch video footage of an accident. Though they are not a standard feature even on luxury model cars, these gadgets can be super handy. With the YI Mirror Dash Camera, dad can turn his rearview mirror into a dual dash cam with touchscreen controls. It delivers live, high-quality video from front and rear cameras mounted on the car so he can easily keep an eye on traffic in every direction. The YI Mirror Dash Cam has sensors that automatically activate the cameras in case of an accident and backs up the video data. It also has a few of other safety features and is available for just $69.

2. Voice-Activated Device for the Car

Alexa’s voice-activated service can now be used while driving. With the Roav VIVA car charger, your dad can ask for directions, make hands-free calls, listen to podcasts, play music from his smartphone, and more, on command. It works with Android and iOS smart devices. Plus, this gadget provides two USB charging ports and a mute button to turn Alexa off. You can find this gift for just $59.

3. Head-Up Display

HUD devices have made it possible to integrate a smartphone with a vehicle. High-tech fathers will love the ability to see the screen of their mobile from the driver’s seat without taking their eyes off the road. And now, devices like the Hudway Cast, make it possible for any car to have what now comes standard on many luxury models. The head-up display sits on the dashboard and wirelessly projects the phone’s display in front of the windshield. Dad can see incoming calls, use the map for directions and select music from his phone without being distracted. Buy this Father’s Day present for $189.

4. On-the-Go Espresso Maker

Dad doesn’t have to settle for gas station coffee anymore; get him the Handpresso Auto Capsule. For joe on the go, it fits the vehicle’s cupholder and charges via the 12/24v cigarette lighter. In less than three minutes, he can enjoy a hot cup of gourmet espresso! This gift costs about $160.

5. Wireless Phone Charger for the Car

This gadget keeps the phone in place and charging while dad drives. The Vanmass Car Charger serves as a mobile phone mount and convenient wireless charger. It’s compatible with most smartphone models and can be mounted on the air vent of any auto. The arm holds it steady and is adjustable for best visibility. This product can be purchased for less than $50.

6. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Help your father maintain his vehicle and avoid uneven tire wear with this handy device. Carchet TPMS comes equipped with four, battery-powered external tire pressure sensors and a centralized monitor display which plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter. The driver can see the tire pressure and temperature on all four wheels in real time. This gift will make dad happy for just $69.

7. GPS Car Tracker

Has your dad ever forgotten where he parked the car? This gadget makes it easy to know where the vehicle is at all times. The wireless Spy Tech STI GL300 device stays in the car, while the owner can see the location in real time using a smartphone or tablet. The data recorded is stored for one year and he can get urgent notifications sent to his phone as well. This GPS car tracker model costs just under $50.

8. Bluetooth Key Finder

No more running around looking for lost keys. With a smart key finder, your father can easily locate his misplaced car key. Tile Mate is the leading brand for Bluetooth key trackers. The mobile app is simple to use and quickly locates the tracking device attached to the key chain. An audible ringing sound helps to find the keys in your house, and the app will show where they are if left farther away. Get this thoughtful present for just $25.

9. Portable Car Jump Starter

Car batteries have a shorter life these days; this is partially due to all the electronics integrated and that are hooked up to them. But, dad won’t be stranded with a dead battery anymore. The Beatit Jump Starter makes it possible to jump start a vehicle without needing to hook the battery up to another car. It also has USB ports for charging his phone in an emergency and a handy flashlight. This perfect Father’s Day item currently sells for a little less than $70.

10. Connected Car Assistant

Any mechanic-minded guy will love this Automatic Connected Car Assistant which downloads data directly from an auto’s onboard computer. He can use this information to diagnose or troubleshoot a problem. It also tracks the mileage and the car’s real-time location. Drivers can use the app to call in case of an emergency and it can sync with many other apps. Make this Father’s Day special for only $99.

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