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Many people do not know how serious of a problem rust on a car can be. Rust damage repairs at a quality auto body shop can range from minor repairs to costly and extensive ones. In addition, rust damage can be dangerous as well as unsightly. Rust damage can jeopardize the safety of your car in the event you get in an accident. It is important to understand that even though your car’s bumper is essentially a big piece of plastic, that bumper can absorb shock in the event you are involved in an accident. And, that big piece of plastic is held on by bolts that can be corroded by rust. Instead of risking injury or costly repairs later on, practice quality car care to prevent rust from occurring in the first place.

Store your car indoors

The best way to prevent rust is to park your car in an enclosed garage instead of on the street. By protecting your car from the elements a good amount of the time, you can help prevent numerous issues commonly associated with parking cars outside. A few common problems seen with cars that are parked outside include:

Significant auto body damage can occur during hailmstorms or by falling tree branches due to high winds.
Flooding can total a car parked on the street during a precipitation event (i.e. a rain storm when A LOT of rain falls in a short period of time).
Rust can result from prolonged exposure to rainwater, snow melt, or salts commonly spread on streets to increase traction.

Letting your car sit unattended for a few years can have big consequences. It is best to ask someone you trust to drive your car once a week or so to keep the battery charged and notice any issues that need to be addressed. It is also best to store your car indoors in the event you will not drive it for a while.

Clean your car regularly and thoroughly

Cleaning and drying your car by hand often is best practice in car care. There is nothing wrong with running your car through an automatic car wash for a quick clean. However, automatic car washes often will not clean the entire car thoroughly. You need to use some elbow grease and a pipe cleaner to get areas that are hard to reach and often rust, such as the drain holes near the bottom of your car doors. Dry your car by hand instead of letting it air dry. Using a soft cloth to dry your car will further prevent streaking and rust. It is also recommended that you wax your car a few times a year to further prevent rust and other damage caused by the elements.

What to do when you notice the first signs of rust

Rust typically occurs in different stages. In the beginning, you will notice that the paint on your car has corroded or changed color. In the last stage of rust (which you really want to prevent), the metal on your car can start to corrode. Rust will not get better or go away on its own. It has to be completely removed by an auto body expert that understands rust, body damage, and paint. When you notice rust, consult with one of our experts at our auto body shops in Chester and Delaware Counties. By addressing the problem early, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on your car.

The good news about addressing rust early

By taking care of rust early, you might be able to only have an auto body mechanic do a little sanding, priming, and paint matching. Or, you can use the rust as an excuse to purchase a new coat of paint to make your car look better than before.

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