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Using real-life statistics from PENNDOT’s report on Pennsylvania Accidents, we show you that accidents can occur when we least expect it. We hope you find these facts useful and that if anything, it will make you more aware when traveling on Pennsylvania’s roadways.

With the fall months right around the corner, the holidays are approaching faster than you realize: Labor Day, Back-to-School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are just a stone’s throw away believe it or not! That being said, it often means more people on the roadways, with more things to do and places to be. Inevitably, this can lead to more collisions.

To prepare you, we’ve collected the following statistics, which may surprise you. It may seem that car accidents are more likely to happen in poor weather or at night. However, we discovered when writing this article that automobile accidents can happen just as frequently (if not more frequently) in clear, sunny day time weather. Check out some of the statistics we covered in below:

When the Most Pennsylvania Collisions occur

Auto accidents in Pennsylvania were more likely to occur under the following conditions in 2016.

  • Accidents were more likely to occur in dry road conditions and good weather.
  • Accidents were most likely to involve hitting a fixed object, like a tree or shrub.
  • Accidents were more likely to occur on the weekends.
  • Accidents were more likely to occur in the month of December.
  • Accidents were more likely to occur in the late afternoon to early evening (2-5PM).
  • Accidents were most likely to occur with travel around Pre-Thanksgiving Day.

When the Most Pennsylvania Fatalities Result from Vehicle Collisions

The above statistics simply state when the highest amount of accidents occurred during this year. So, let’s take it a step further. Below are when the most fatalities from traffic accidents occurred:

  • No adverse weather conditions with a dry road (as opposed to driving in snowy/rainy conditions).
  • Vehicle Hitting a tree or a shrub.
  • The month of June.
  • On Fridays or Saturdays and in the early afternoon.
  • Traveling before Thanksgiving Day.

Other Factors Involving Automobile Accidents or Collisions

The situations listed above are not the only factors that may have been directly linked with an increase in the total amount of collision repair costs in Pennsylvania in 2016. While road conditions, weather, and the time you are driving are very important to consider each time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are not the only thing that can land you and your car in the auto body repair shop.

Many car crashes can simply be attributed to driver error. Most accidents and most fatalities occur when drivers are driving too fast on certain roads. Each time you get behind the wheel of a car, it’s important to be committed to obeying the speed limit in order to keep you and your passengers safe.

A Decrease in Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is also a huge factor in causing car accidents and accident-related fatalities. However, it is good to know that drunk driving related accidents decreased in the year 2016 in Pennsylvania, as well as the total amount of fatalities from drunk driving accidents. That being said, drunk driving continues to be a serious issue in the matter of vehicle safety. Each driver is responsible for their own car and for making smart driving choices, but it’s not always possible to be prepared for those who are driving around you.

Distracted Driving Continues to Devastate

Another cause of accidents is texting while driving. In fact, during 2016, there were 16,036 traffic accidents attributed to “Driver Distraction” which may be attributed to texting. Out of those 16,036 crashes, 61 were fatal. Pennsylvania drivers should keep in mind that there is a “No Texting” law which results in a $50 fine for offending drivers.

What You Should Do with This Data

Driving defensively and always being aware will keep you out of the hospital and keep your car out of the collision repair shop. In order to increase your chances of arriving at your destination safely, take into account the statistical data that gives you an idea of when it is safest to be on the road, and when you are most likely to be involved in an accident. Data should also help drivers to be more aware of roadside objects that may cause them to be distracted and may cause car accidents.

What we hoped to show you is that accidents can happen driving down a familiar road in your neighborhood or on a calm, quiet Sunday afternoon on a country road. If we can take anything away from these statistics, it’s that more crashes happen when people are relaxed and not paying attention, which makes perfect sense.

How many times have you been driving on a nice sunny day down a familiar road while sending a text to a friend, fiddling with the radio, doing your hair – or all three at the same time? Now think back to times you were driving during a snow storm. We’re willing to bet that you probably had both hands on the wheel, face pressed against the windshield and driving 30 miles under the speed limit. It’s that heightened sense of awareness that we lose when the driving conditions are optimal. If we, as Pennsylvania drivers, were to drive as cautiously in great conditions as we do in poor conditions there would be less accidents, loss of life and fewer auto body repair bills being paid for by the insurance companies….which would mean lower insurance premiums for everyone. Food for thought.

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Please Drive Safely Pennsylvania!

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