We know that sinking feeling: you head out to your car and discover that someone has dented your car. That shiny panel is creased and marred. What is a repair like this going to cost? Will you lose value if you get stuck with replacement parts? What about your paint job?

The good news is, the latest car repair technology makes small and medium dent repair a breeze. With Flatliner technology, the dent can be removed quickly and efficiently, leaving no sign it was ever there. A few of the reasons we swear by the Flatliner at Badell’s Collision:

No need for replacement panels

From small to medium collision repairs, there is no need for us to remove parts or to use replacement panels. This means that you keep your car’s original parts. If the panels are in shape to be repaired, you will come out with the same OEM parts you came in with. No sign that you ever needed a repair will be visible. This is great for all car owners, but especially for BMW owners.

flatliner-tool-before flatliner-tool-in-use flatliner-tool-after

A high-tech, highly efficient system

The Flatliner brings top-of-the-line technology to your collision repair. This is an all-in-one system that includes a digispot welder for automatic or manual welding, a range of bridge sizes with multi-functional components and the innopuller. The last one is a practical tool that allows for controlled pulling of sheet metal. It makes it easy to gently pull dents out, leaving the body in terrific shape. With all the tools in one place, we have everything we need at our fingertips for a seamless repair.

Faster than other repair techniques

A Flatliner repair can be finished up to 40% faster. There’s less disassembly, as repairs are done from the outside right on your vehicle. This highly efficient repair means less chance that we’ll have to order replacement parts. The all-in-one system means that everything is convenient for efficient labor. All of this means that we can get you back on the road faster. Want to see this tool in action? Check out a video of our technicians using the Flatliner below:


Flatliner saved this car from total loss!!!!

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Posted by Badell’s Collision of Malvern on Thursday, March 10, 2016


Less expensive than other repair techniques

Because this method involves repairing a panel instead of replacing it, it typically costs less than other types of repairs. Insurance paying for it? That’s fine, too. Most insurers are amenable to attempts to repair, meaning that you get compensated quicker and get the repair approved fast.

Recommended by luxury car makers

A number of luxury brands have given their approval to the Flatliner system. They trust this up-to-date technology and its ability to restore a car to excellent condition. The BMW Group approves the Flatliner Panel Repair system in their approved list and is shown in their OEM work instructions.

Wondering When to Have Car Paint Professionally Touched Up?

At Badell’s, we operate under a customer-first ethic. Since we opened our first shop in 2003, we have offered excellent service to luxury car-owners in the Chester and Delaware counties. We take pride in offering honest, efficient and high-quality work.

We understand the care and concern BMW owners have for their cars because we share it. Don’t let dents or scratches harm the value or beauty of your BMW. Get in touch today to learn about our dent removal, painting and glass repair services. We’ll get you in, get you fixed, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Utilize the online estimate form to receive a quote from Badell’s Collision in Aston and Malvern, Pennsylvania. Whichever location you visit, your vehicle will receive quality repairs and finished work from our local auto body restoration experts.

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