what to do if a repair shop damages your car

The best course of action if a repair shop mechanic further damages your car during repair is to communicate the issue calmly. Some unfortunate events can occur due to mechanic negligence. Such cases can lead to further damage to the vehicle or create new problems for you.

Mechanics are liable for any damage to your car incurred during the repair. The key to getting this issue resolved involves simple steps that every car owner should know.

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Key Takeaways

1. If you notice any new problems after bringing your vehicle to a car repair shop, you need to document the damage and get it rediagnosed to ascertain the mechanic’s liability.

2. In case mechanics refuse to take responsibility for their negligence that leads to faulty repairs, car owners must be aware of consumer protection laws.

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What Should You Do if a Mechanic Damages Your Car During Repair?

The key to negotiating repairs after a mechanic damages your car is to ensure that you have proof, protection from a contract, and proper communication with the repair shop. This type of situation can sometimes happen due to negligence by a mechanic

In this case, a mechanic creates a new problem for your car, which is different from failing to repair the car after an accident.

Protect yourself and your automobile in such situations. Here are some key steps to follow:


Document the damage. 

As soon as you notice the damage, you must document it thoroughly. This evidence is what you will present to the mechanic or for insurance claims. 

It’s important to take clear photos and videos with proof of date and time. Clear documentation can help you explain the problem to the mechanic and help you resolve the problem. 

Notify the mechanic and the management. 

Inform the mechanic or repair shop immediately about the damage. Be polite but firm in expressing your concerns. Ask for clarification on what may have caused the damage and how they plan to address it.

Do not forget to present the documentation you did. If the mechanic refuses to acknowledge the problem, consider talking with the management and see if their policies cover such situations. 

Revisit the repair contract. 

This is a perfect time when repair contracts come in handy. Review any contracts, warranties, or guarantees you have with the mechanic or repair shop. They may outline your rights and the responsibilities of the repair provider in case of damage during repairs.

You must know your rights in such situations, especially when the mechanic is adamant about not providing reworks. Contracts may also clarify if there are warranties for the repairs that are performed, which will help you determine the proper reparations.  

Request for reparations. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, request reparations from the mechanic or repair shop. This could include repairing the damage at their expense, compensating for your car’s diminished value, or offering a discount on future services.

Ensure that any repairs are performed by qualified professionals using quality parts to maintain the integrity and safety of your vehicle. If you opt for compensation instead, request a written agreement outlining the amount and terms of payment to avoid misunderstandings. Be prepared to negotiate if necessary to reach a fair resolution.

Seek legal advice. 

Consult a consumer rights attorney if the repair shop refuses to take responsibility or provide adequate compensation. They can advise you on your legal options and help you pursue a resolution through legal channels.

Lawyers can also help you work through any contract you may have signed with the mechanic. In addition, they will guide you toward how you can maximize your insurance claims, if present. 

What Counts as Mechanic Repair Negligence?

Mechanic negligence can be any instance where the mechanic fails to deliver their agreed-upon responsibility with reasonable care, resulting in greater damage. 

Negligence, in this case, can be perceived in many different cases. Some of them may include the following:

  1. Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of vehicle issues.
  2. Substandard repairs, including incorrect parts or improper installation techniques.
  3. Neglecting to perform necessary repairs that could affect safety or functionality.
  4. Overlooking safety recalls or technical service bulletins during repairs.
  5. Negligence in performing routine maintenance tasks as required.
  6. Poor communication with the vehicle owner regarding repairs.
  7. Damage caused to the vehicle during the repair process.
  8. Failure to follow industry standards or manufacturer guidelines for repairs.

Know Your Legal Options

You can file for disputes if the repairs underwent proper procedures and are accompanied by proper contracts. Mechanics are bound to follow the contract and whatever stipulations are made before the repairs commence. 

Here are some legal options that you may opt for in case the mechanic declines cooperation.

  • Sue the mechanic or auto repair shop in civil court or small claims court for negligence.
  • To prove negligence, you must show the mechanic had a duty to repair your vehicle properly, breached that duty through careless actions, and directly caused damage to your car.
  • File a lawsuit if the mechanic accidentally damaged other parts of your vehicle while repairing an unrelated issue. You can seek compensation for the cost of fixing the new damage they caused.
  • Take legal action if the mechanic performed unnecessary repairs that were not needed and damaged your vehicle in the process.
  • Sue for breach of contract or warranty if the mechanic failed to honor a warranty covering their work and your vehicle suffered damage.
  • Pursue a claim if the mechanic installed a defective or damaged part during the repair, malfunctioning and damaging your vehicle.

To successfully sue, you will need evidence such as repair records, invoices, photos of the damage, and expert mechanic testimony. An experienced attorney can help gather evidence, navigate the legal process, and pursue proper compensation for the negligent damage to your vehicle. 

The key is documenting the mechanic’s faulty work and proving it directly led to new damage you must now pay for repair.

Is a Mechanic Liable for Damages From Repairs?

Yes, a mechanic can be liable for damages resulting from repairs under certain circumstances. If a mechanic fails to exercise reasonable care or skill while performing repairs and this negligence leads to damage or harm to the vehicle or its occupants, they can be held legally responsible for those damages. 

This liability typically arises from a breach of the duty of care owed to the vehicle owner. 

To establish liability, the vehicle owner must demonstrate that:

  1. The mechanic owed a duty of care to perform the repairs competently and safely.
  2. The mechanic breached that duty by failing to exercise reasonable care or skill.
  3. The breach of duty directly caused damage or harm to the vehicle or its occupants.
  4. The damages incurred are quantifiable and can be attributed to the mechanic’s negligence.
what to do if a repair shop damages your car

If these elements are proven, the mechanic or repair shop may be held liable for the cost of repairs, replacement of damaged parts, diminished value of the vehicle, and other associated expenses. It’s important to note that liability may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case and the applicable laws in the jurisdiction where the repairs were performed.

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