In today’s fast-paced world, every gearhead seeks technological innovation to enhance its driving experience. We have compiled a list of the top 4 gadgets to make driving seamless and enjoyable, ranging from sophisticated dash cams and head-up displays to portable espresso makers and jump starters. And, to make your life behind the wheel smoother, we’ve also included the best driving apps designed to improve your overall driving experience. Dive into this comprehensive guide to discover the coolest gadgets and apps every car enthusiast should have in their arsenal, ensuring the ultimate driving experience. 

Best Mobile Apps for Drivers: Top 5

From locating your parked car in the King of Prussia mall parking lot to finding out in real-time which route will get you to work the fastest, the mobile apps below can help make your life a little easier and a lot less frustrating. In fact, with the best driving apps installed on your phone you may find your life behind the wheel a little bit less frustrating! 

AAA Mobile Application

 This app can help you experience some of the best places to visit even if you’re not a member of AAA. If you are a member, roadside assistance is also available. Discover top-notch destinations with the AAA Mobile app, even if you’re not an AAA member. For members, roadside assistance is offered too. AAA Mobile provides easy access to dependable AAA services like travel planning, discounts, and roadside support. The AAA TripTik® Travel Planner’s mobile adaptation enables you to locate AAA-approved and Diamond-rated hotels, eateries, and attractions, as well as create and share itineraries between your computer and mobile devices. 


GasBuddy Mobile App

 If you’re looking for the gas station with the best price, then GasBuddy is perfect for you. You can also earn rewards for inputting prices for others to see. With 90 million users already benefiting, get the complimentary GasBuddy card and never pay full price for gas again. GasBuddy provides more ways and places to save on fuel than any other app. Pay at the pump using the free GasBuddy fuel card to save on every gallon at any station, without searching for deals.  

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Simply link your bank account securely, swipe and save up to 25¢/gal. Manage your account within the app. Locate the best prices using the gas map, filtering by price, location, and amenities like restrooms. Improve your driving habits with smart tips and earn gas rewards by shopping through the app. Inform fellow drivers about the latest deals, track your fuel usage, and stay informed about significant vehicle recalls. 

PlugShare Mobile App

This app is designed for drivers of electric cars and it’s a great tool for finding charging stations wherever you go. It even updates the availability of each station. PlugShare boasts the largest EV driver community globally. Driver-contributed station reviews and photographs help fellow EV users make informed charging decisions.  

plugshare map

Customize the PlugShare map using filters like plug type, charging speed, and charging provider, as well as detailed information for major EV charging stations worldwide. Locate public charging stations compatible with your EV, check a station’s functionality and real-time availability, link to your preferred navigation app for directions, and pay for charging through the app. Receive notifications about charger installations nearby, discover charging stations on your road trip with the built-in EV trip planner, and use PlugShare with Apple CarPlay for easy browsing. 

Roadtrippers Mobile App

An essential companion for long journeys, Roadtrippers offers tools to help you plan your entire trip, including features specially designed for road trips. Locate hotels, campgrounds, and interesting attractions along the way, while benefiting from reviews. The app works like a fusion of Yelp and Google Maps for extended drives, estimating fuel usage for better budgeting and planning. 

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RepairPal Mobile App

In case your vehicle experiences issues in unfamiliar areas, RepairPal provides a reliable resource to avoid getting cheated. The app offers average repair quotes tailored to your specific car, empowering you to negotiate with unfamiliar mechanics confidently. Additionally, RepairPal helps you identify highly rated car mechanics in your vicinity. 

car owner mobile app

The bottom line is there are many great mobile apps for drivers, but those listed above make up some of the best driving apps on the market. If you’re looking to avoid tickets, save on gas, find electric chargers or any of the other useful pointers these apps provide, then check out some of these apps today and see which ones work best in your day-to-day life. 

Best Gadgets for Any Gear Head: Top 4 

Rearview Mirror Dash Cam 

Dashboard cameras can help while parking or to catch video footage of an accident. Though they are not a standard feature even on luxury model cars, these gadgets can be super handy. With a dash cam, the driver can turn his rearview mirror into a dual dash camera with touchscreen controls. It delivers live, high-quality video from the front and rear cameras mounted on the car so he can easily keep an eye on traffic in every direction. Most dashcams have sensors that automatically activate the cameras in case of an accident and back up the video data.  

Heads-Up Display 

HUD devices have made it possible to integrate a smartphone with a vehicle. High-tech car owners will love the ability to see the screen of their mobile from the driver’s seat without taking their eyes off the road. And now, HUD devices make it possible for any car to have what now comes standard on many luxury models. The head-up display sits on the dashboard and wirelessly projects the phone’s display in front of the windshield. The driver can see incoming calls, use the map for directions and select music from his phone without being distracted.  

On-the-Go Espresso Maker 

No car owner has to settle for gas station coffee anymore; get him the Handpresso Auto Capsule. For joe on the go, it fits the vehicle’s cupholder and charges via the 12/24v cigarette lighter. In less than three minutes, he can enjoy a hot cup of gourmet espresso! This luxury gadget costs about $180. 

Portable Car Jump Starter 

Car batteries have a shorter life these days; this is partially due to all the integrated electronics that are hooked up to them. But the driver won’t be stranded with a dead battery anymore. Portable jump starter makes it possible to jump-start a vehicle without needing to hook the battery up to another car. It also has USB ports for charging his phone in an emergency and a handy flashlight.  

Review examples of New Car Technology to Help Decrease Collisions. 

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