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Having your vehicle painted is an undertaking that can bring you a lot of satisfaction. Not only will your car look like new, its exterior durability can be significantly enhanced. That being said, choosing to have your vehicle repainted also requires an investment of money and time. Before you take your vehicle to a paint or auto body shop, take some time to get all the facts. This will help you make the right choice for you and your vehicle.

Painting a Vehicle Can Take Some Time

While there are certainly some vehicle paint shops that boast a turn-around time of three days or less, in general you can expect your vehicle to be in the shop for at least a week. During this time you will have to think about transportation alternatives and about how to accomplish the tasks you need to without your regular vehicle. Though each paint shop works hard to keep their turn-around time realistic, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes prolong the painting process. Make sure you can meet your transportation needs during that time.

Painting Requires Removing the Interior

Many people don’t realize that vehicle paint shops may have to remove everything from the interior of the car during the painting process. This may include the dash, console, and even the seats. There is some risk that these items could be damaged by the painting process and so they have to be removed for their protection. Additionally, certain stages in the process may be impeded by the presence of these interior components. Removing them allows the process to be completed the right way.

You can make this stage easier for the car painting technicians by taking some time to remove your belongings from the vehicle. This reduces the risk of accidentally losing something important and saves time on the part of the body shop.

Prep Work Has to Be Completed Before Painting Can Begin

When a vehicle is given a new paint job, it produces a like-new factory finish. This requires the car paint shop team to remove the existing paint layers and address any damage that might be present on the metal body itself. Damage can include:

  • Scratches
  • Gouges
  • Dents
  • Pits
  • Rust spots
  • Holes

New paint cannot be applied directly on top of old paint. The fading, oxidation, and irregular surface of a vehicle’s existing paint does not allow for the smooth application of a new coat. Anyone who chooses to repaint their own vehicle has to be aware that even if there is no damage to the metal itself, prep work still has to be completed before new paint can be applied.

The more prep work that has to be done the longer the process can take. It can also cost more to paint a vehicle that requires extensive prep work. The additional time and potential cost should be factored into your decision. Also, should you wish to repaint your vehicle yourself, realize that a large work space is required for safe use of vehicle paint products.

Painting Adds Value

Having your car painted is an investment in many ways. Not only will you be treating yourself to a vehicle with a like-new finish, you will be adding to its residual or resale value. An older car with a newly painted exterior looks fresher and more valuable. You can fetch a higher trade-in value as a result of making this investment and you can ask a higher price if selling it directly to a buyer. Car buyers will respond positively to a vehicle that looks good, even if it is a little older.

An older vehicle can also be transformed into a working vehicle through the addition of new paint. Your personal business can be given a professional appearance without you having to invest in a brand new vehicle. A paint job is a lot less expensive than a new car and your business will still be represented by a vehicle that looks great.

To make paying for your vehicle’s new paint job a little easier, some insurance policies may cover some of the cost of body work if the vehicle was damaged in an accident. Check with your insurance company to see if your coverage will help pay for the costs of painting your car.

Getting Started

Understanding what the painting process entails will make it easier to choose whether or not to have your vehicle repainted. Armed with the facts, you can make a more informed decision.

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