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If you are in the market for a vehicle, you have probably realized that cars are a bit expensive right now. Fortunately, there are ways for you to save money on the cost of a car, and one of the best ways to do so is to consider going with a used vehicle. Unfortunately, not every used car is going to be a good one. If you want to purchase a solid used vehicle, you should consider purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle.  

This is a vehicle that has been tested and found to meet the specifications met by the manufacturer. At the same time, you still need to do your due diligence to make sure you get a good vehicle. How can you tell if a used car was repaired badly? 

How to Tell if Car Repairs Were Done Right 

Ask for a Copy of the Vehicle History Report 

First, you should always ask for a copy of the vehicle history report. This is the best way to tell if a vehicle has been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Now, just because a car has been involved in an accident doesn’t mean it is not any good anymore; however, if a car has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you need to dig deeper to make sure it has been repaired properly. Ask for a copy of the vehicle history report, and see if the car has required any major repairs. If someone is refusing to provide you with a copy of the vehicle history report, this is a bad sign. 

Test the Paint Job 

Next, you should also take a look at the paintwork to make sure the car has been painted appropriately. There are a few ways to test the quality of paintwork. First, take a walk around the exterior of the vehicle and make sure the car is a uniform color. If a car has been painted badly, the new layer of paint might be a slightly different color. If you look closely, you should be able to tell. Furthermore, take your finger and run it around the exterior of the vehicle. If you feel a change in the texture of the paint at any point along the way, this is a sign that the vehicle may not have been painted well. A vehicle painted at the factory should be uniform throughout. 

Find Aftermarkets Parts 

If you are wondering if a car has been repaired using aftermarket parts, there are a few ways you can figure this out. First, you may want to figure out which insurance company repaired the vehicle. Take a look at their policy, and see if the insurance company is known for using aftermarket parts. Then, you should always test drive the vehicle to take a closer look at its performance. If you feel like the vehicle is taking a long time to accelerate, come to a stop, or change gears, this could be a sign that it has aftermarket parts. Finally, you should also get the car inspected by a professional. A professional can tell you if the car has been repaired using aftermarket parts. 

Look for Putty Resin 

Finally, you should also take a closer look at the vehicle to see if body filler or putty resin has been used. This is a cheap product that can be used to cover up dents, scratches, and other minor body defects. What you need to do is get close to the side of the vehicle. Make sure the sun is striking the vehicle. Then, look for a small circle on the vehicle made by the sunlight that doesn’t match the rest of the car. This is a sign that a dent might be present, and putty resin might have been used to fill it. Furthermore, the filler might have a slightly different color than the rest of the vehicle, which may stick out if you look closely. This is how you can tell if putty resin has been used. 

What to Do if You Suspect Repairs Were Done Poorly 

Inspect Your Car After Repairs 

We encourage all of our customers to check damage repairs, and any respectable auto body shop will stand by its workmanship. Car owners are entitled to inspect repairs before paying for the work or authorizing the insurance to pay for the repairs. If the damage was severe or repairs involved replacing components, we also recommend taking the car for a short test drive. Make sure that the wheel alignment is correct, the headlights work, check that steering is normal and the vehicle doesn’t make any new or strange noises

Discuss Any Issues with the Manager 

If you are not satisfied with how the damage was fixed, the new paint job, or the quality of the replacement parts used, discuss it with the auto body shop that carried out the repairs. Point out any defects that you notice and to be sure that your concerns are understood before the bill is paid or sent to the insurance. The manager should give you reasonable options for correcting the problem. 

Request a Post-Repair Inspection 

For reputable body shops, a post-repair inspection is standard practice before the car is returned to the owner. But, this may not be the way all body shops operate. A post-repair inspection verifies if the original damage was fully assessed, the quality of the repair quality, and provides assurance that nothing was missed. A comprehensive inspection by a knowledgeable third party should either support or dismiss any doubts about proper repairs. Some states even provide no-cost inspections for collision repairs. 

Contact Your Car Insurance 

Your car should be restored to its condition before the accident, even if repairs are made by a body shop outside of your insurance company’s preferred network. If a satisfactory agreement can’t be reached with the body shop or the quality of the repairs is still not what you expected, you should contact your car insurance company. At that point, the agent can manage the dispute. A post-repair inspection may need to be carried out by an insurance claim’s adjuster before any payment is sent. 

File a Compliant 

A good body shop should always ensure that repairs are done right. If that isn’t the case, you can file a complaint with your state Bureau of Auto Repair. This organization works to ensure that customers are treated fairly and that automotive work is done correctly. Your complaint will be reviewed by bureau representatives. If they find that the repairs don’t meet industry standards, they will go on to negotiate further repair work, transfer of the car to a different shop, a refund, or an adjustment for the car owner. 

Write a Review 

It may seem trivial, but customers actually do pay attention to the reviews of service providers online. If you still feel strongly that the repair work was not satisfactory, post a review on CarwiseAuto Body Review, Google My Business, or Yelp. But don’t use it as a platform for vague complaints, be specific about your experience and what could have been handled better. 

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Have Repairs Done Right the First Time at Badell’s Collision 

A trustworthy auto body shop will provide a lifetime warranty for all repair work and replacement parts. This will alleviate any worries about what to do if you are not happy with how the damage was fixed. Even after you take your car home, you can go back to the shop and ask them to review any concerns that you have. 

The best way to avoid dealing with car repairs that don’t meet your expectations is to choose a reputable body shop from the beginning. Badell’s is a local, family-owned collision repair shop. Our company is focused on delivering high-quality services that meet car owners’ expectations. Call our office today or request a free estimate using the easy online form below. 

At Badell’s Collision, car owners don’t need to worry if their car will be fixed correctly. If you are looking for quality body repair, glass replacement, and painting services for your vehicle, contact us today to make an appointment at our service center in either Aston or Malvern. 

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