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Your car isn’t just an investment, it’s something that you rely on every day. Getting in an accident is scary, but it’s also inconvenient to go about your day without your car. That’s why choosing where to get your car repaired is an important decision. You need to have your car back quickly, have the repair done correctly, be sure that it is safe to drive, and that the price paid for parts and labor is fair.

No car owner wants to risk having collision repair done by the wrong shop. That’s why you shouldn’t just pick the first one to pop up in the search results.

Some car owners rely on their locally owned body shop and have built a trusting relationship over the years. But, if you don’t already have a trusted auto body shop in mind, who can you turn to? Auto body shop reviews online may provide the information you need to make the right decision.

What You Should Know About Customer Reviews Online

The first stops for many people online are Yelp, Google My Business, and Angie’s List. These are helpful if you’re looking for an overall sense of service offerings and customer satisfaction. Buyer beware, though. Not all customer rating websites are the same. Some more generic websites allow anyone to post a review without knowing for sure if that user is a legitimate customer or not. Others allow the businesses featured to place ads and sponsor positive responses to boost their visibility.

It can also be difficult to know who is telling the truth. Statistics show that customers who have had a bad experience are more likely to leave a review than those who’ve had a positive one. Plus, negative ratings are often exaggerated.

It’s better to seek out verified customer testimonial platforms. Specialized sites like Carwise and Auto Body Review only enable real clients to write and post a review. If you’re going to trust a star rating online, these types of sites tend to offer more accurate information. You won’t read fake reviews here. The reviews published are from verified customers who have actually had car repair work done by that shop.

The Smart Way to Get Informed about Auto Body Shops

Don’t believe everything you read. Here is a guideline for getting reliable information about an auto body shop from online customer feedback.

  1. Check out a few different auto body shops in your local area.
  2. Ignore poorly written posts that use a lot of capitalized letters and exclamation points! Unfortunately, there are always a small number of dissatisfied customers and their rants won’t help you make an informed decision.
  3. Skip over the incredibly short responses. Brief opinions – positive or negative – won’t help you understand if the shop provides good service and carries out the type of auto repairs required.
  4. Focus on the longer, well-written reviews. Read them to understand what kinds of service the auto body shop provides and why that customer would recommend it or not.
  5. Look for testimonials related specifically to your vehicle make and model to verify the shop’s experience.
  6. Search for information about the repairs you need. See if the shop has a good track record fixing those issues.
  7. Businesses change over time; pay more attention to recent comments than those that are more than a few years old.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Customer Reviews of Auto Body Shops

Websites specialized in helping consumers make educated decisions are growing in number and popularity. In the automotive industry, testimonials and customer feedback are especially important.

Consumers trust online reviews for purchasing decisions about products and services. Today, nearly 90% of people look at web reviews before choosing a local service provider, and 84% trust what they read. This means that we give the same weight to online reviews as we do to personal recommendations and referrals.

Car owners want to find a trustworthy auto body shop that will make the necessary repairs fast, securely, and charge the right amount. So, many of them are relying on online testimonials to help them select the right shop.

Identify Credible Auto Body Shops

Customer forums can be just as good as word of mouth. Online comments are generally a fair reflection of a company’s reputation. This is especially true for verified review sites. Opinions written on the internet can have a strong influence on the decisions of potential new customers and for good reason. They tell us a lot about the credibility of the body shop, quality of their work, as well as the fairness of their polices, guarantees, estimates, and prices. Positive customer reviews can help earn a customer’s trust.

Learn more about How to Choose a Quality Auto Body Shop.

Be an Informed Customer

Online reviews can help you understand which auto body shop does the repairs you need and services the type of car you drive. Previous customers will give insight into how the company operates before, during and after the repairs are made. They often include information about pricing and warranties.

Communicate with the Repair Shop

Customer discussion forums are a channel for communication between a company and clients. Interaction and engagement helps you understand if the shop stands by the work done and how it values customer satisfaction. It is also a crucial opportunity for the business to respond and give an explanation when problems arise. Companies that truly care about their work utilize these review platforms to build relationships with clients.

Continual Improvement

There is always room for improvement. Negative reviews aren’t ignored by reputable service providers in the automotive industry. Smart businesses listen to customer advice and complaints. Then, this feedback should be used to provide better service and support in the future. A body shop should take action when problems are pointed out online and enact change in how they operate.

How to Leave an Effective Review for an Auto Body Shop

If you have had collision repair work done, consider leaving a review for other car owners in your area. Here are some things to remember when writing your endorsement, comment, or criticism:

  1. Leave constructive feedback about the auto body shop and the repair work.
  2. Clearly write the reasons why you were happy or unhappy with the services, customer relations, policies, etc.
  3. Include dates, information about the car make and model, and the type of work carried out.
  4. Don’t include links or personal info.
  5. The tone should be civil, yet honest.
  6. Read it before clicking to publish.
  7. Update your feedback as needed.

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