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When replacing a full panel of your damaged car isn’t the best option, you want to see an auto body repair expert that has the expertise and specialty tools to properly rework the existing sheet metal. One of the most important specialty tools used throughout this process is the spot welder. This type of specialty welder is actually a standalone metal inert gas, or MIG, welding tool.

At Badell’s Collision, we count on the Pro Spot SP-5 spot welder to help us with jobs like the above. This tool allows our auto body technicians to permanently join two sheet metal panels together to restore the appearance and strength of your vehicle’s outer structure. Below are several key benefits that you can expect when having your vehicle spot welded using a Pro Spot SP-5.

Uniform Joint Creation

Automotive factories utilize automated spot welding machines to make the joints required between the sheet metal panels. When you have your vehicle repaired by a technician well-versed in the use of a spot welder, the created joints look exactly like the ones achieved at the factory. Since the work required during the repair process cannot be achieved with the one-size-fits-all practices utilized at the factory, auto body experts must utilize their knowledge to select the right welding torch head and wire spools to achieve a perfect finish. With the Pro Spot SP-5 spot welder, auto body experts can quickly and efficiently select the correct tool and material for the job to create truly uniform joints.

Retention of Sheet Metal Strength

Auto body technicians must apply heat to the metal surfaces to adequately bond them together and create a strong joint. If too much heat is applied, the strength of the metal panels could decrease to unsafe levels. To avoid this situation, auto body experts utilize a dedicated spot welder to minimize the amount of heat applied to the metal surfaces. The sheet metal appropriately retains its natural strength due to the tight regulation of the applied heat. The joint strength is also maximized as the heat applied by the SP-5 spot welder is just enough to create a perfect uniform bond.

Streamlined Metalworking Process

A dedicated spot welder, such as the SP-5, streamlines the metalworking process to help you receive your vehicle back in record time. For example, the need for time-consuming edge prep is completely eliminated with the use of this specialized welding tool. With a spot welder, technicians can easily grab the appropriate torch and wire spool to rapidly make the proper joints for the repairs at hand. Furthermore, the targeted application of heat allows for the quick cool-down of the metal materials, which facilitates the technician in moving onto the next step in the repair process. Finally, the spot welder reduces the amount of welding splatter for quick and easy cleanups of the work area.

Decreased Power Consumption

The use of a dedicated spot welding tool helps actively reduce utility expenses to allow shop owners to pass the savings onto their customers. Auto body technicians utilize their expertise to appropriately set the welding parameters to exactly match the repair needs of the vehicle. With the correct settings, the welding equipment draws the least amount of power possible while still achieving extremely strong welds between the sheet metal pieces. When selecting a shop with this tool in rotation, you not only receive quality repairs faster, but at a lower cost than competitors lacking dedicated spot welding equipment.

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