A Direct Repair Program, or DRP, describes a partnership between an insurance company and a certain auto body shop. When you need to have your car fixed under an auto insurance policy, the insurance agent will recommend the auto body shops that participate in their DRPs.  

Sounds like a win-win, right? It may seem like your insurance company is looking out for you to make sure you get the right service to make your car ready for the road, but in reality, it’s all about the insurance company’s benefit.  

How DRPs Benefit Insurance Companies 

DRPs allow for the insurance company to maximize their profits while minimizing their costs. These programs allow for the insurance company to control the repairs done and the price of those repairs. This means that some claims pay out less by the insurance company.    

How DRPs Benefit Auto Body Shops 

At first glance, DRPs sound like a win-win: the auto body shops get more business, and the insurance companies get your vehicle repairs done quickly. However, it’s critical to note that the auto body shops that are under contract with an insurance company through a direct repair program often receives incentives to get your car done quickly and cheaply.  

What does this mean for you? It means that your vehicle’s proper repair may not be a top priority. In fact, some of these contracts may have specific language that requires the repair shop to pay for additional days of a rental vehicle if the repair isn’t completed by the deadline set by the company.  

It’s these types of motivations that should worry you as a vehicle owner. If you choose to work within a DRP, how will you know that your vehicle will truly be safe and properly repaired?  

The parts used during your vehicle’s repair may not be of the highest quality. While you may get a warranty on these parts, how well will that paper protect you safety? 

How to Identify a Direct Repair Program 

There are some hints that can let you know that your insurance company is using this type of arrangement. They may say that they have a network of shops or select service providers and try to steer you in the direction of these shops.  

They may also refer to these shops as selective, network, preferred or recommended. They may even tell you that they will not warranty work done at other shops. This is manipulative language because the insurance company does not warranty any work anyway. They only require a warranty from their DRP partners. Any respectable body shop will warranty their own work.  

How to Find an Auto Body Shop That is NOT Part of a DRP 

Be sure to ask your insurance agent about your choices. After you’ve verified that you’re free to visit any body shop you like, start conducting research to learn about other people’s experiences with that shop.  

Badell’s Collision has very few DRP relationships. Those we are part of, we have maintained for years and years, and do so because we believe in the program.  

Have You Been in an Accident? Contact Badell’s Collision Today 

If you’ve been in an accident, Badell’s Collision can get you towed, estimated and start building your claim with the insurance company. Then, we’ll negotiate the claim on your behalf.  

We deal with insurance companies on a daily basis, and take pride in doing so because it makes our customers’ experiences simpler.  

Quality is a huge point of pride for Badell’s Collision. We stand behind our work and provide a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship. We use premium paint, ensure professional application, and offer a transferable warranty that NOBODY in our market has. Why? Because we care about our vehicles and have extreme pride in our workmanship. 

Badell’s Collision is a local family-owned company. Profits are never our business goal; we believe in building a strong reputation through optimal customer service. 

Find out why our customers have been satisfied with the high-quality work have delivered for more than 16 years. Call Badell’s Collision at (610) 497-4103 or contact us online. 

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